2016 - China? - Hong Kong Pt 2

Hong Kong Pt 2.

February, 2016.

Coming back to Hong Kong was both a curse and a blessing. A curse because China was a complete rush and a blur of dark nights with bright lights, and a lot of skewered meat. But it was also a blessing because the toilets were cleaner and were actual sit-downs than squatters, with clean toilet paper 90% of the time. Once you’ve been to China, you’ll know. The following few days was nothing but exploiting the rooftop views of Hong Kong.

I decided to link up with my Canadian friend (notice a pattern here?) Cari Lee, and decided to check out the sweet views at her new apartment.

The following day, I linked up with some local Hong Kong instagrammers to explore a bit. In no particular order, Lam Yock, Hason Lee, Chimmy, Harimao Lee, and Horatio, just casually living the good life.

I forget when I linked up with Zahra, but I have a photo, so I know it must’ve happened.

Perhaps the most stressful place I’ve ever climbed had to have been this roof, somewhere on the Hong Kong island side. To put things into perspective, I also dented my Otter Box on my phone when I sat on the metal parts of the structure. 

Here’s Wong Ho Fung just waltzing around in Hong Kong’s playground. 

At some point during this week, I met up with a few local Hong Kong and Canadian instagrammers. 

In a sort of left to right, includes Elaine Li, yours truly, Stanley, Candy, (Vivien’s friend, that I now can’t remember), VivienVictor, Alen, and Andrew. (Elaine, welcome back from North Korea, Best Korea).

Then there was the meet up with the man, the myth, and the legend, Daniel Lau, who has arms bigger than my thighs.

I spent my last night in Hong Kong having clay pot rice, cod sperm pie, street shooting, and having casual conversations on a roof while evading security guards.

Pre clay pot rice with Andrew, with him testing out his new backpack on the mean streets of Hong Kong. 

Airin delivers Cod Sperm Pie Best parting gift, ever. Side note, Airin recently appeared in a short documentary by Al-Jazeera, found here.

All in all, Asia was a blast, and I was definitely lucky to be in the company of some of the finest Hong Kongers in the city. 

Stay classy, and all the best.

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