2016 - USA - NYC Pt 2

April, 2016.

My first 50 hour mission in a long while. This was literally after a month of being in Toronto and being bored out of my skull, I decided to head back down south to paradise. Surprisingly enough, it was colder in NYC in April than it was in March. This trip was just a lot of loafting and a lot of pizza. 

I did not Instagram any of the pizza.

Here’s just a few random snippets of my trip.

On one of my many bridge walks, I ran into Victor, which was a very random bump in, especially because we are both Torontonians who only ever met up once in Hong Kong. NYC brings all the beautiful people together I guess.

What I didn’t note or take a picture of, was when my cousins saw me in the Lower East Side and yelled out, ‘Hey Asshole’, and began schooling me on not letting them know I was in their turf. I guess I deserved that one.

Next up, Port Perry, Canada.

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