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  1. 2016 - China - Shenzhen, Part 1 of 2

    2016-09-10 01:22:00 UTC
    February, 2016 If Hong Kong represents order and civility, Shenzhen (it’s border town) is anything but. Think of it, if you were a Canadian, the Ottawa and Gatineau relationship; or the English and French border town relationship; same-same, but different. I knew this would be chaotic because this was my…

  2. 2016 - China? - Hong Kong, Part 1 of 2

    2016-09-09 05:13:00 UTC
    February, 2016 Hong Kong; the land that is China, but not really China. This trip marks my fifth trip to the place that my family is from, but this post will be split into two separate posts, as I arrived for a few days, and then left for China for…

  3. 2016 - South Korea; 4th time’s a charm.

    2016-03-11 00:22:00 UTC
    January, 2016 South Korea; is the most underrated East Asian country in my humble opinion. This was my fourth trip to South Korea, although like most of my trips, it was a blur of BBQ, beer, the real KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), wet markets, rooftops and abandonments.  My first mission…

  4. 2015 - A Year in Review

    2016-01-11 23:43:00 UTC
    Let’s cut to the chase for this blog post — I’m actually thankful you actually want to read what I’m about to write here. This post is to both review my past year as well as force myself to create some small but conquerable resolutions that I can effectively hold…

  5. We the North

    2014-06-09 14:05:15 UTC
    One step at a time. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. It’s good to be back. Time to finish 2014 strong.

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