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  1. 2016 - China? - Hong Kong Pt 2

    2016-10-12 13:42:00 UTC
    Hong Kong Pt 2 February, 2016. Coming back to Hong Kong was both a curse and a blessing. A curse because China was a complete rush and a blur of dark nights with bright lights, and a lot of skewered meat. But it was also a blessing because the toilets…

  2. 2016 - China - Shenzhen, Part 2 of 2

    2016-10-09 02:11:00 UTC
    February, 2016 After our wicked trip from Chongqing, we landed back in Shenzhen in the middle of the morning. Fun fact, although China probably qualifies to be split into 4 different time zones, they choose to have one unified time zone (China Standard Time UTC+8). Fun fact, in Eastern China,…

  3. 2016 - China - Chongqing

    2016-10-03 16:37:00 UTC
    February 2016.  This is the glory of Chongqing. The glory of Hongya Cave. Shot on the Sony A7. To be honest, much like mine and Andrew’s decision to visit China, both Chengdu and Chongqing were chosen completely at random. Andrew had chosen Chengdu because of the hype that Eddie Huang…

  4. 2016 - China - Chengdu

    2016-09-25 02:16:00 UTC
    February, 2016 We arrived in Chengdu, China on Lunar New Year’s Eve, not entirely sure of how to get to our hostel. We were presented with a few problems: Neither of us (Andrew and I) can speak Putunghua/Mandarin or the local Chengdu dialect;Neither of us can read or write simplified…

  5. 2016 - China - Guangzhou

    2016-09-20 17:16:00 UTC
    February, 2016 This is a city I’ve only heard terrible things about whilst growing up — that it was poor, it was backwards, and everyone is there to take your money. What travelling has taught me was that no matter where you are, assholes and tourists will almost always be…

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